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Spiritual Concerns

Religion and/or Spirituality are increasingly recognized as key elements in patient’s experience of advanced illness.  Research has shown that the majorities of patients with advanced illness view religion/spirituality as important, and frequently rely on these beliefs to cope with the stress of advanced illness.  Spiritual well-being and religious coping are associated with better quality of life in the setting of life-threatening illness and mitigate the impact of physical symptoms.   The NP includes screening for spiritual concerns as part of the whole person assessment.

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Spirituality in Cancer Care 

Psychosocial Nursing Care Along the Cancer Continuum details the psychosocial impact of cancer on a variety of patient populations and their families.

The Relationship of Spiritual Concerns to the Quality of Life of Advanced Cancer Patients: Preliminary Findings - William D. Winkelman, Katharine Lauderdale, Michael J. Balboni, Andrea C. Phelps, John R. Peteet, Susan D. Block, Lisa A. Kachnic, Tyler J. VanderWeele, and Tracy A. Balboni. Journal of Palliative Medicine. September 2011, 14(9): 1022-1028. doi:10.1089/jpm.2010.0536.


Cultural Issues in Cancer Care

Cultural issues in cancer care can be challenging to cancer care providers because of uncertainty and lack of knowledge about the many beliefs, traditions and customs inherent in illness and possible death.  Trying to understand the illness experience among all people will help to clarify what every patient needs from their providers in order to best guide them through their cancer experience.

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