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Patient Education

Patient education is the process by which health professionals share information with patients that will prepare them for upcoming treatments, alter their health behaviors or improve their health status.

The Cancer Journey is designed for patients and caregivers to provide information on learning about and managing each of ten cancer treatment-related symptom that patients undergoing treatment for a cancer diagnoses commonly experience: anorexia, cognitive dysfunction, depression, dyspnea, fatigue, hormonal disturbances, neutropenia, pain, peripheral neuropathy, and sexual dysfunction.


ASCO Answers is a series of fact sheets that provide an introduction to a specific type of cancer or cancer-related topic.


NCI Cancer Topics is a great resource for patients and caregivers as well as for the healthcare provider. This website offers information about specific cancer sites, prevention and treatment, coping with cancer, side effects of treatment and survivorship.  There is also information about clinical trials.

My Book About Cancer is actually two separate workbooks based on a mother or father that gives children an effective emotional outlet as they cope with their parent's disease.

You Are Never Alone: Prayers and Meditations to Sustain You Through Breast Cancer is a variety of prayers that will help anyone find spiritual strength and connect with a higher power.


Women's Health: A Resource Guide for Nurses  addresses commonly asked questions by female patients with cancer and their family members.


Stevie's New Blood tells the story of Stevie, who is undergoing BMT in the hopes it will cure his leukemia. It helps children know what to expect--before, during, and after transplantation--through colorful pictures and simple text.


Teenage Cancer Journey addresses the unique issues facing teenagers with cancer. In a straightforward manner, she captures adolescents' battles with cancer and shares her own experience of having cancer as a teen, offering advice about losing hair, relating to family and friends who are healthy, and balancing schoolwork with treatment.


Once Upon a Hopeful Night helps parents who are diagnosed with cancer tell their young children about their disease. Once Upon a Hopeful Night is an excellent tool for helping patients communicate with children about their disease.