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Evidence-Based Practice

All care provided by the nurse practitioner should have evidence on which that practice is based.  These resources will outline the evidence based care for patients according to cancer type and stage.

NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology are composed of recommendations based on the best evidence available at the time they are derived.


Adapting Evidence Based Programs Understand what evidence-based means, what evidence-based programs are, and why they are important to use in health interventions. Be familiar with the structure of the tutorial.


Finding an Evidence Based Program Know how to use your needs assessment and program goals and objectives to help you select your program. Be able to find evidence-based program resources. Know how to use search options to narrow your program choices and find out what programs will and will not work with your community.


ONS PEP Resources are designed to provide evidence-based interventions for patient care and teaching. Interventions can be incorporated into telephone triage, policies and procedures, quality/performance improvement activities, and standards of care and order sets. Information from the resources can be integrated into orientation, educational programs, and nursing grand rounds.

  How do statistics contribute to predicting a patient’s prognosis?